You Can Also Call 1-855-600-3453 to Sign Up By Phone


Moriarty: March 10th / Estancia: March 17th

Moriarty: March 24th / Mountainair: March 31st

Moriarty: April 7th / Estancia: April 14th

Moriarty: April 21st / Mountainair: April 28th

Moriarty: May 5th / Estancia: May 12th

Moriarty: May 19th / Mountainair: May 26th

Events begin at 1:00 p.m. and are done at the High School gymnasium of each Municipality listed.



Estancia Public Health

300 South 8th St, Estancia, NM 87016

Nasal Testing in Estancia is Every Wednesday

Morning from 9 am to 10 am


Steps for Doing The Vault At-Home Test

1. Go to the Vault website by clicking the link above.

2.) Click "Order A Test" and follow the steps to Order/Create An Account. The test ships to your physical address by UPS. Please use appropriate address and contact information including email address.

3.) Your test will arrive. You can open the test kit, but do NOT open the contents within the test kit until told by a Vault Representative.

4.) Click the link you receive in your email address. I recommend you click the link using the device you will Zoom the Vault Representative with. When you click the link, it will automatically open the Zoom app and put you in the waiting room.

5.) Please be patient. Although it says it can take 20 minutes in the waiting room, but normally takes just a few minutes.

6.) A Vault representative will come on and walk you through the

process to collect the test sample. While you are collecting the

test sample (saliva), they may leave the Zoom call for a quick

minute, but will be back when you are completed.

HINT: Drink plenty of water prior to the testing. Please remember

you can not eat or drink in the 30 minutes prior providing the

sample, so drink before that time period.

7.) Once completed, you will ship your test kit back to Vault

using the prepaid UPS postage included in the kit. You can drop off at B-Street Market as UPS picks up packages from there to ship.

8.) Once Vault receive your kit, you will get an email that it was received.

9.) Once Vault determines your result, they will email your result to you.

10.) If you are doing this test for your employer or school, please email the result to the appropriate person.


Additional Notes:
At Home Testing is shipped to your home very quickly, arriving as soon as next day. You must have internet/Zoom capabilities as you mean with a Vault Representative to ensure your test sample is collected properly. You also must have access to ship the test back via UPS. In Mountainair, you can take the package to B-Street Market for UPS to pick it up. If you take it later in the day, it may not be shipped out until next day. You can also drop off at any UPS location in Albuquerque. The process requires you to spit saliva into a vial. If you have a weak stomach, it may be a little difficult. If you have taken an at-home ancestry DNA tests, it is very similar to that. I personally tested the at-home test. I mailed back the package on Monday and received my results Wednesday late night. The package was shipped next day air to a New Jersey lab. It's a very nice and simple process.


Testing is FREE

Or Call: 505-222-6530

In order to register in Estancia, please choose that you do not have a special code on the online registration website, then choose the date of the next "Wednesday" in the calendar option. This will populate "Estancia" into the drop down list of available locations.

On occasion, there are special testing sites set up in Mountainair, Moriarty and Edgewood; OR there are additional testing dates for Estancia. To register for these testing options, please choose that you do not have a special code on the online registration website, then choose the date of the testing in the calendar option. This will populate the name of the testing location in the drop down list of available locations.

Please follow "Town of Mountainair" on Facebook for updates on special COVID testing events.


​300 San Pedro, Albuquerque

Enter Gate 3 at San Pedro & Copper

Testing at NM Expo is limited daily. When you click to register, the closest availability may be days away.

In order to check for next availability, you can click "No. Show All Available Sites" and choose the next available day. It will show you list of locations. If you are unable to find a location or should you need help, please text the Mayor at 505-440-9715. Thank you.


CVS Ellison Drive

Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm

3821 Ellison Drive NW

There are times that the online registration says you are not eligible for testing. If this occurs, please call CVS on Ellison Drive at 505-899-9001 and speak with pharmacy.

You may also contact other CVS locations in Albuquerque as well. Please ask to speak with their particular pharmacy. Please note that pharmacy hours may differ from the CVS hours of operation.